How it works

1) Order & Receive:

Pick your art on Acid Prints and wait for it to arrive.

2) Scan QR/Click Link:

Find the QR code or link included with your print.

3) Open Instagram:

Either link or QR code will open Instagram on your phone.

4) Point & View:

Aim your phone at the print to see the AR animation come to life.


How do I access the AR filter?

All AR filters can be opened from the filter codes page here.

Do I need to have Instagram to view the AR filter?

Yes. You will need to use either the Facebook or Instagram mobile app.

This way don't have to download an extra app on your phone and it's also easy to share your art experience with the world!

Can you unlock the filters from any other social media platforms?

We have plans to integrate with TikTok and Snapchat in the future.

Will you be releasing new art?

Yes! A new season of art prints is in the works. Sign up for email updates to know when it's live. (We promise we don't spam).